Ad Mail

Execute a strategic game plan with your next ad mail distribution campaign. Target a specific area and deploy promotions and advertisements to every household or business in a desired geography.

Our Distribution Partners - Canada Post & USPS

Ad Mail Distribution

High Quality Print

Send a message directly to your clients with style. The first impression is the most important, impress your clients with a great presentation with stylish 100% high quality print pieces.

Target Your Area

You can now target clients in a specific area that you would like to send your mail to. Just enter the address of your target area and sit back and let the postal service handle all the distribution.

Reach Homes

You can get your message across directly to your clients homes by just targeting residential areas only. Saturate the market and promote to every household in a desired geographic area that you choose.

Printing Only

We also offer Print Only Mailing Solution, you decide how you’d like your orders processed and we’ll determine which sizes and products will work. You can process your own target mail distribution.

No Mailing List Required

If you don’t have a mailing list, no problem. Let the postal service do the work of creating precise lists to saturate specific areas, saving you the time, hassle, and cost of generating your own.

Flexible Size Ranges

Choose from our diverse selection of size and finishing options that fit into the postal service’s mailing restrictions for virtually endless marketing possibilities. 100% High Quality Printing.

Reach Businesses

You can also target businesses if you have a product or services which you would like to send out to businesses in a specific area. You can also opt out businesses and target only homes.

Full Service Distribution

Our Full Service Target Mailing Solution takes the guess work out of the mailing process. Select a product, choose your target area, then upload artwork. We’ll take care of the paperwork and distribution.